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The holiday season is upon us! This means gathering with friends and family to celebrate. After all, tis’ the season to be jolly! Soon enough, your social agenda will start to fill up with holiday events like office parties, dinner parties, party parties, etc.

However, it’s probable that at least in one occasion, you’ll be the host for the get-together. Obviously, you want everything to go as smooth as hot cocoa! So, to help you achieve that, the Great Harvest Bread Company in Spokane has come up with a few ideas so you can spread holiday cheer in your next event!

Before Getting the Holiday Party Planning Started!

Set a Theme

Be it “Winter Wonderland”, “Holiday Decadence”, “Holiday Custom Party”, etc., having at least some sort of a theme will make the rest of your planning (like the decor and activities) a lot easier. 

Make a List (of Guests) and Check it Twice!

Think of who you want to come and invite them. Make sure they RSVP so you can start arranging things like the food and party favors. Remember that it’s always a good idea to prepare extras of everything just in case (too much is better than not enough).

Schedule it Out

The easiest way to stay on top of everything is by writing down what needs to be done, what is require for you to do those things and the order in which you’ll do them. Create lists and schedules to be on full party organizer mode!

How to Get a Holiday Event Ready!

Spreading Holiday Cheer Through Music
Holiday music sets the right tone for these festive gatherings. Think about your theme and pick versions of famous holiday songs that will go accordingly (i.e. big band jazz vs. a children’s choir). 

Decorate in Joy to the World

Decorations are a big part of the planning of any party, and they’re even more essential for the holidays! According to your theme, put up ornaments here and there to get a more festive feel. 

Decorate even the places you think people won’t notice (like the bathroom, for example). This way you won’t break the enchanting spell of a holiday party. 

Remember that Christmas lights will instantly get people on a holiday mood so use them to your advantage!

The Holiday Smells

You can make your guests feel inside a holiday story through the scents you choose for the party! Cookies, ginger, and pine tree are odors that will surely send your guests on a festive ride. Just make sure you pick scents that aren’t too strong and that won’t bother the guests!

A Festive Feast!

This is probably the centerpiece of your celebration! Think about drinks, delicious appetizers, desserts and candy (like candy cane). Make sure you give your feast a holiday spin.

If you’re in over your head in this department, you can always order catering! The Great Harvest offers a great variety of cookies, sandwiches and bread in Spokane that could accompany your celebration. Check out our menu to learn more about it!

Holiday-Themed Activities

If you want to build lasting memories with your holiday event, you better think of ways of getting everybody involved in fun activities! You can have a holiday songs karaoke, a photo booth station where you put masks, holiday items and a frame, so your guests can take pictures with them, etc.! Just think of your favorite party activities and put a holiday spin to them!

Celebratory Party Favors

Now, for the last part: the party favors! It’s in good spirit to give out little gifts as a thank you for your guests! Yours can include candy canes, holiday-inspired cookies, a loaf of bread or anything festive that you can think of!

Holiday season is here and it brings with it a sense of camaraderie and a joyful spirit. Many of us like to share these feelings with our close ones so, if you’re thinking about throwing a holiday-themed gathering, the time to start preparing is now! Just be sure to follow these tips and you’ll be spreading holiday cheer all over your guests! 

Remember that if you want your event to taste great, the Great Harvest Bakery in Spokane has a ton of catering options that you and your guests will be sure to enjoy. That’s a lot of flavor without any of the hassle! Be sure to check our menu out and come down to our store to see what we have to offer!
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