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Storage Tips to Help Keep Your Bread Fresh

Fresh baked bread is one of the many pleasures to be enjoyed in life. Whether you serve it with a meal or enjoy it on its own, a fresh loaf of bread will always leave you satisfied. If you don't finish the whole loaf, however, you might have one small issues: how to keep your bread fresh? Great Harvest in Spokane can help you resolve that issue with these tips.

Freeze or Refrigerate?

Most people are aware that the refrigerator can help bread, fresh or not, last longer. However, the truth is you shouldn't refrigerate your bread, but rather freeze it. While the refrigerator will delay mold growth, it can also make your bread go stale faster. Instead, wait until your bread has cooled and then wrap it in plastic. You want to avoid allowing any moisture or condensation in when you wrap it and be sure to slice it before freezing. Once you're ready to eat your bread, thaw it and serve it warm.

Bring Back the Bread Box

Bread boxes may seem like an antiquated kitchen accessory, but they can come in quite handy of you're a fan of fresh bread. Leaving your bread exposed to air can cause it to go stale and dry quite quickly, but keeping it in a bread box will delay this process. Your bread will still be able to breathe but won't be as exposed as if it were out in the open.

Leave Your Bread Out

If you don't own a bread box and you're not a fan of freezing and thawing bread, you can simply leave your bread out in the open. You don't want to leave it exposed for long periods of time since this can cause drying. Instead, you can wrap your bread in a variety of materials to help reduce its exposure. Popular wrapping materials include cloth, plastic, and paper bags.

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