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Sunny days are almost here, and after a long winter it’s time to take advantage of them. We can’t think of a better excuse than a barbecue with friends and family, and hot dogs are one of those basic things that you should always have during those occasions. 

That’s right! This great American treat deserves a special spot in your barbecue.  Do you know how to make it even more delicious? At Great Harvest in Spokane, we have a few tips that will help you to create an amazing hot dog.

Just remember these simple tips:

Boiled or Grilled?

We know that every street cart will sell you boiled hot dogs, but nothing compares to the flavor of a grilled one. If you are not in the mood to set the grill, you can broil it on your frying pan. Remember that you should never split your hot dog. If you do, all the flavor will be lost. 


You can use your creativity for this one. The classic Chicago style hot dog has cucumber, pickles, tomatoes, chopped onion, relish and mustard. Again, you can add almost whatever you want: guacamole, ketchup, jalapeños. It’s really up to you!

The Bun

For many, a toasted bun is essential for a great hot dog. You can achieve this by simply adding some melted butter to your bun, and placing it for a few seconds on the grill. Don’t forget that at Great Harvest in Spokane, we bake fresh buns every friday! So make sure to stop by and get yours. 

It’s that simple! Don’t forget that you can’t go wrong with a tasty hot dog and the company of your loved ones. That way, you can be sure that good times are guaranteed. 

So, if you are looking for the best bread in Spokane, think about us!  Our incredible bread and sweets menu offers something healthy for each family member, and for those special times.  

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