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Let’s get real: who doesn’t love hummus? This chickpea dish is basically a delicious dip that you can enjoy guilt-free (with some veggies or whole grain bread), and that can actually be a part of ahealthy diet.

With this in mind is that Great Harvest in Spokane has this post for you. This way you...
Every once in a while, a special dinner comes along that calls for a special dish. If you’re in this situation, but have no ideas or the desire to spend a lot of time preparing a super laborious meal, then a bread bowl is your best bet! In order to give you a hand in this department, Great...
A lot of people have the goal to “eat healthier”. However, what does that mean and how should you go about it? If you’re wondering this yourself, this post by Great Harvest in Spokane is here to give you a few tips so you can achieve it!

How to Eat Better

Change Your Approach

If you want...
After a few days, bread will become hard. For many, this means it’s time to dispose of it. But before you put it in the garbage, there are a few things you can do with it.

Stale bread offers a consistency that many foods demand. That’s why at Great Harvest in Spokane, we have some ideas that...
After a long day of running around, you may not have the energy to cook a decent dinner, which may lead to resorting to takeout or skipping it altogether. However, these aren’t the best solutions! 

First of all, you need to eat dinner, so your body can refuel after a long day. Secondly, you...
Sunny days are almost here, and after a long winter it’s time to take advantage of them. We can’t think of a better excuse than a barbecue with friends and family, and hot dogs are one of those basic things that you should always have during those occasions. 

That’s right! This great American...
Spring means life, flowers, birds, colors, and a bunch of new sweet flavors! That’s right: the spring season brings life, a change in the weather, and new fruits with it! If you’d like to know what fruits you should be reaching for (and the benefits they can bring you), read this post by...
Bread is a staple item in our diets! And while it’s important to take your daily dose, you should know that not all bread is the same! Take artisan bread for example! It is basically handmade bread, as opposed to the mass-produced kind that you normally find on supermarkets.

As you can imagine,...
Yes, February 14 is tomorrow, but before you go into full freak out mode, we can help you answer the age-old question: “what should I get my significant other for Valentine’s Day?!”

Keep in mind that these gifts are meant to be thoughtful, so make sure you personalize them as much as possible...
You wake up half a sleep, take a shower and somehow you manage to get to your office to start your day. That’s when you pour a warm cup of coffee and it only takes one sip for the day to really starts to move.

Approximately every year 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide! But what is...
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