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Holidays are finally here and this means its time to celebrate the festivities, to enjoy the wonderful company of our loved ones and let’s not forget about the delightful flavors of the season!

Here at the Great Harvest in Spokane, we are no exception and we've worked in our menu to offer you some of the most representative holiday breads!


Pronounced va-noch-ka, this bread comes originally from the Czech Republic and Slovakia and it takes its name from the word Vánoce which means Christmas in Czech. 

Its main ingredients are eggs, butter, yeast, sugar, raisins and almonds, and because of its braided shape it has a known “hard to bake” reputation. 


This delicious fruit cake, is often served with marzipan and dried fruit. The zest gives its distinctive flavor and it’s all complemented with almonds, raisins and covered with icing sugar. 

Due to the long history of this bread, it has gained a festival in Dresden, Germany where every year the Stollenfest is celebrated. 

Chocolate Babka

Another delicacy arriving from Eastern Europe! It’s believed it was invented by a Polish King that ordered to add some rum to an otherwise dry fruit cake, after that he asked the baker to include rum in the dough.   

You can find these and many other Christmas specials in our december special production! Also, if you are looking for the best bread in Spokane, please check our website for a more detailed menu and don’t forget to place your order!

Remember that we will be refurbishing our store from 12/25/13 - 1/2/14 so make sure to stop by before and after these dates!
Great Harvest Bread of Spokane
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