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Great Harvest of Spokane is dedicated to making you the most delicious, fresh baked bread and sweets, every day. We take pride in creating memorable food for our customers, and want to share an idea on how to even further enjoy your experience of eating our baked goods. Did you know that just as you can enhance certain tones of food with wine or coffee, and vise versa, you can do the same thing with tea? 

If you are a tea lover, this information is definitely for you. Whether you prefer the sweet or savory, be adventurous with us and check out some of our favorite menu items, paired with excellent tea choices.  If you are a fan of our Blackberry White Chocolate Muffins, you have a couple of options. Try the muffins with a Darjeeling black tea. The fruity flavors of the tea will be an excellent combination with the blackberry. If the white chocolate is your main attraction, drinking a Jasmine/Jasmine Pearl tea is going to make your mouth water! The sweetness you will experience is like none other.

Now that you know how incredible Darjeeling is with fruit, drinking it with our Triple Berry Muffinsis going to be such a joy. Berries and Darjeeling is a beautiful combination. If you are more intrigued by the tart nuances of the berries, try them with a citrus Ceylon tea to bring out the tangy tones. 

Salted Caramel Cookies, for our sweet and salty lovers, is going to drive you crazy with a spiced Masala Chai, especially if infused with vanilla. If there is no vanilla in the Chai, adding a drop or two of vanilla extract will absolutely do the trick.

Our Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins and Bread are ever popular, customer favorites. Be sure to save some of the Masala Chai you used for our Salted Caramel Cookies, because the spices in Chai are perfect for Pumpkin, and if the Chai is made with black tea leaves, the chocolate is also going to be accentuated. You can thank us later. 

For our savory bread fans, do not feel left out. We have some suggestions for you as well. 

Asiago Pesto Bread and a hot or cold Green or Sencha tea is going to be a totally new experience, while our Potato Chive Bread with its distinct blend of seasoning will be unstoppable with a Ginger Infused tea. 

Are you excited about trying something new? We hope so. Stop by Great HarvestinSpokane today to pick up your favorites, take them to go and try out some of our suggestions. Remember, the combinations are endless!  For any questions about the best baked breads and sweets in Spokane, feel free to call us at 509-535-1146.
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