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Thanksgiving is almost here! This day is all about celebrating, giving thanks, sharing unforgettable moments with friends and family, and eating a big delicious dinner. However, for all of this to happen, somebody needs to get everything done. If you’re in charge this year, Great Harvest in Spokane has a few tips to help you prepare!

How to Prepare for Thanksgiving Dinner

1. Begin by creating lists of what needs to get done before the big day, and setting a day for you to complete each task.
2. Get a guest list together so you can start planning how much food you’ll need. Ask them to confirm their attendance and inquire about food allergies they may have.
3. Start planning the dinner menu. Think realistically about how much food you’ll need to make and how much you’ll be able to get done by yourself. It’s a good idea to enlist others’ help to get this done. 
4. Once you know what you’ll be serving for dinner, create an extensive grocery list in which you include every ingredient and items needed for the event (e.g. napkins).  
5. It’s a good idea to go through the grocery list a few items at a time so the economic aspect of it isn’t such a burden. For example, you can buy non-perishables ahead of time.
6. You need to plan Thanksgiving day completely. Create a comprehensive schedule in which you include time for cooking, cleaning, and other chores for that day.
7. Start preparing and cooking the food that doesn’t need to be fixed on Thanksgiving day, so you can get these tasks out of the way.
8. Multitask all you can: while the turkey is cooking, work on decorating the place, setting the table or preparing another meal.
9. Lastly, remember to breathe, ask for help, and make some time for yourself! This day is all about enjoying the company of your friends and family, so don’t stress out.

Get the Best Bread in Spokane…

While you’re thinking about the best ingredients for your dinner, don’t forget to get your bread at Great Harvest! We have bread for stuffing, to complement your dinner, and even some delicious desserts that will make your Thanksgiving dinner even more memorable. Call (509) 535-1146 to learn what we have in store for you today. 

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