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Yes, February 14 is tomorrow, but before you go into full freak out mode, we can help you answer the age-old question: “what should I get my significant other for Valentine’s Day?!”

Keep in mind that these gifts are meant to be thoughtful, so make sure you personalize them as much as possible so they seem even more special and from the heart!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Loved One!

Gift Delicious Treats 

Giving out chocolate and candy is a tradition on this day. But, if you want, you can take it a step further, and gift a tray of his/her favorite treats! 

Here at the Great Harvest Bread in Spokane, we have red velvet cupcakes and deliciously cute cookies with “love” and “sweetie pie” messages on them (which can even help you pop the question if you’re ready for it)! We have a great variety of sweets and bread in Spokane for Valentine’s!

Put Together A Personalized Gift Basket

A beautifully decorated gift basket with a bottle of wine, his/her favorite movie, delicious bread, and an array of toppings (from jams, to cheeses and meats), can be a great and thoughtful present! Plus, you can open up the wine, prepare the appetizers, and watch a movie for a romantic night!

Cook A Special Dinner

If you want to pull it off, you need to start now! Pick a menu, get the ingredients, and prepare the ambiance for the special night! You can try to cook your partner’s favorite dish, and decorate the table with candles and your fancy silverware. Even if the food doesn’t turn up that well, s/he’ll be able to recognize that you made an effort to make him/her feel loved!

You know that feeling when you realize that Valentine’s is just a day away and you haven’t got anything for your significant other/special friend? The one you’re experiencing right about now? Well lets do something about it! And don't forget to visit us at Great Harvest Bread in Spokane.
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