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November is here! Fall is at full bloom, the year is almost ending and we still have the holiday season to look forward to! Among the many great things about November, is the fact that there’s a whole new selection of bread to enjoy at the Great Harvest in Spokane

There’s a particular bread in stock during this month that we think represents the fall season particularly well: our Cranberry Orange Bread! It is made with dried cranberries (a delicious fall fruit), fresh orange, and whole wheat. This combination makes it a healthy but tasty option for these autumn days.

To learn more about this yummy bread, and the benefits its ingredients bring, read on!

Health Benefits in Flavor!

Cranberry-licious Health Benefits

*Cranberry is a fall fruit that’s filled with health goodies, and here are some of them!
*Cranberries are rich in antioxidants which help prevent breast and colon cancer, and heart diseases.
*The antioxidants they have also promote better metabolism, a stronger immune system, a more effective digestive system, and they help against the aging process in your organs.
*They’re also great for eye and mouth health.
*Cranberries aid in the fight against kidney and bladder problems, like urinary tract infections and kidney stones.
*Cranberries are also good for weight loss, fighting stomach ulcers, and having healthier skin.

Orangey Health Benefits

*Oranges are probably one of the fruits that provide the most health advantages. Check some of them out!:
*Oranges are great in cancer prevention for skin, lungs, breasts, liver, stomach and colon.
*Oranges help the heart function properly and prevent kidney diseases, like kidney stones.
*They have lots of fiber, which lowers cholesterol, and stimulate the digestive processes.
*Oranges strengthen the immune system, which lowers the risk of disease and aids in fighting viral infections.
*They help your eyes and your skin.
*They also have tons of antioxidants that work against your body’s aging process.
*Plus, oranges help regulate high blood pressure. 

A Whole Wheat of Health Benefits

*A balanced diet that incorporates whole grains into it has tons of nutrients, vitamins and minerals! 
Here are some benefits that they bring:
*Whole wheat has dietary fiber that helps reduce the cholesterol in the blood, aids in weight loss, promotes a healthy heart and an effective digestive system.
*The vitamins in it improve metabolism and strengthen the nervous system.
*It also contains folic acid which stimulates the formation of red blood cells. The minerals in whole wheat help the bones, prevent oxidation, boost the immune system and help the circulation of oxygen in the blood.

Fall is filled with great flavors! To get a taste of it, come to the Great Harvest in Spokane and try our Cranberry Orange Bread! With it, you’ll get some health benefits that will keep your immune system at an all time high during this cold month. 

It’s available every Monday in November to help you start the week with the right foot. You can give it a try and make delicious sandwiches with a flavorful twist or even a toast with a yummy spread! These combinations are sure to make your taste buds dance all day and night!

So, if you’re looking for bread in Spokane, remember that the Great Harvest Bread Company just came up with a new selection to represent the month of November! Come down and check it out!
Great Harvest Bread of Spokane
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