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What Goes Well With Fresh Baked Bread?

A freshly baked loaf of bread is easily enjoyed on its own. The warm and soft texture make it hard to resist eating the majority of it in one sitting. However, if you managed to leave behind a good amount and are looking to incorporate it into a balanced meal, Great Harvest in Spokane has some suggestions.

Warm Soup and Fresh Bread

For a classic pairing, have your freshly baked bread with a warm bowl of soup. Whip up your favorite soup recipe and grab a few slices of your freshly baked bread for a delicious combo. A classic example of this is pairing a warm bowl of tomato soup with a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Bread bowls are also great for serving warm and creamy soups. Bread bowls are typically larger than a roll but small enough to hold a single portion of soup. The hard exterior and soft interior make them the perfect edible bowl to serve your favorite soup in.

Turn it Into a Sandwich

You may associate sandwiches with boring school lunches, but they don't have to be your standard ham and cheese on white bread. Grab a couple of slices of your freshly baked bread and choose a spread to give your sandwich moisture and flavor. You can try using hummus, mayonnaise, or cream cheese, depending on what you plan to place in between the bread. Next, add in some meat, cheese, and vegetables of your choice. Finish it off with some tasty dressing and spices. Be sure to keep a napkin around since most tasty sandwiches can also be a bit messy.

Visit Our Bakery in Spokane

If you're looking for the best freshly baked bread to have with your soup, look no further than Great Harvest in Spokane. At our bakery in Spokane, we bake our and delicious treats daily. Check out our monthly calendar to see what we have baking today. Give us a call at (509)535-1146 to place an order!
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