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Every once in a while, a special dinner comes along that calls for a special dish. If you’re in this situation, but have no ideas or the desire to spend a lot of time preparing a super laborious meal, then a bread bowl is your best bet! In order to give you a hand in this department, Great Harvest in Spokane has this post for you!

How to Make a Bread Bowl

Start Planning

Before anything else, you need to plan everything. For example, what kind of soup/dip will you be serving? Or, how many people will be joining you? Settling this will help you moving forward.

Pick the Right Bread

ow comes the most important part of the process: choosing the bread! Go for one that’s round, big enough, and with a thick crust. Then, pick a flavor that will complement that of your soup to make it extra delicious. Finally, ensure you have enough bread for every guest.

Start Cutting

Let’s begin shaping the bread bowl a bit, shall we? For starters, you need to create a “lid”. To do it, lay the bread on its side, grab it tightly, and cut off the top part. Be careful not to slice it too far down, so there’s plenty of room left for the soup.

Scrape it Off

The lid has been made! Now, you need to empty out the insides of the “bottom” (or the actual bowl) of the bread where the soup will be served. Make sure to leave a thick layer of bread, so the liquids don’t spill out!


That’s it! The bread bowl is ready. All you need to do is serve the soup and offer it to your guests. You can even add some of the bread you dug out into the soup, to give it more flavor and texture.

*Anti-Leakage Tips

As you know, liquid has the ability of finding its way out of any situation. Leaks are a very real possibility, so here we’ll give you some tips to minimize them.
-Keep in mind: the denser the soup you put in the bread bowl, the less leaks there’ll be.
-Again, make sure to keep a thick layer of bread.
-Serve the soup to your guests as soon as you pour it in the bread!
-Place a plate below the bread bowl, so your table or tablecloth don’t get ruined.

For the Best Bread in Spokane

As mentioned above, the most important part of the bread bowl process, is choosing the right bread! If you’re looking for great, tasty, whole grain, artisan bread in Spokane, come to Great Harvest. Try our monthly selection and take the loaf that will best complement your soup.
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