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After a long day of running around, you may not have the energy to cook a decent dinner, which may lead to resorting to takeout or skipping it altogether. However, these aren’t the best solutions! 

First of all, you need to eat dinner, so your body can refuel after a long day. Secondly, you should be having a nutritious and light dinner, instead of packing all the calories so close to your bedtime (it’s advised to eat at least two hours before going to bed)!

So, if you’re lacking ideas in this department, Great Harvest in Spokane will share with you a few easy meals in this post!

Healthily Delicious Dinner Ideas

Balanced Sandwich

A turkey sandwich with lots of veggies can be the perfect balanced meal! By picking the right ingredients, you’ll be getting all the food groups you need in a delicious, easy and nutritious way.

Fruity Toast

Get some organic jam in your favorite fruit, a couple loaves of whole grain bread, put them together, and there you go! Nothing like this fruity flavor to end the day on a good note!

Salmon and Veggies

It’s no secret that salmon is one of the best sources of healthy fatty acids around! However, if you pair it up with some steamed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, etc.), you’ll get a tasty and well-rounded dinner!

Yummy Salad

What’s easier than slicing up a couple of vegetables and throwing them in together? You can make your salad with lettuce, tomato, avocado, and pepper, and add some chicken for extra flavor and protein.

Nutritious Quesadillas

Quesadillas can be nutritious, too! Choose whole grain tortillas, go easy on the cheese, and include some turkey ham in there! 

For Your Bread Needs!

Make sure to complement your dinners with healthy and tasty Great Harvest bread! We have a great variety of flavors that are sure to go with your meals. Stop by our store to get the best selection of bread in Spokane!
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