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Autumn is perhaps one of the greatest seasons of the year - the temperatures start to descend to create a mild and comfortable weather, the leaves start to cover the ground and overall, you start to get that unbeatable fall environment.  
Another great thing about this time of the year are the flavors. This weather calls for a delicious warm bowl of soup, and at Great Harvest in Spokane, we would like to share with you some of our favorite soups for this season. 

Spicy Tortilla

You can miss this treat if you are into Mexican food! Remember that you can make it as spicy as you want and still get all its wonderful flavors. Also, include some cilantro, lime juice and corn to get a wonderful combination only this soup can deliver. 

Italian Wedding

This soup brings together two of our favorite things: green vegetables and meat. No wonder it takes its name from the perfect union it creates. Don’t forget to add grated parmesan cheese to make it even more delicious.  


Last but not least, this season wouldn’t be complete without this classic flavor. The versatile taste of pumpkin can be found in many delightful things like pies and coffee. However, roasted pumpkin soup is something you can’t miss! Make sure to add bacon and thyme to boost its flavor. 

Remember to include these delicious soups during this season, which will be the perfect way to end your day.  Also, be sure to read this post to learn how to create bowl bread

At Great Harvest we have the perfect complement for any of these soups! We start our day by milling our whole grains to create the delicious and fresh flour that will be used in each of our products; only to deliver you the best and most healthy bread in Spokane

If your want to find out what are we baking today, please visit our website or call (509) 535-1146.  
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