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Spring means life, flowers, birds, colors, and a bunch of new sweet flavors! That’s right: the spring season brings life, a change in the weather, and new fruits with it! If you’d like to know what fruits you should be reaching for (and the benefits they can bring you), read this post by the Great Harvest Bread Company in Spokane!

What Fruits to Look For In the Spring


This fuzzy, beautiful, yellow/orange, tasteful fruit is on full effect during the spring! This means great news for your peepers and your heart!


The small red sphere of flavor will be better than ever during the spring! Luckily for all of you who fancy their savor, cherries contain a ton of vitamin C and dietary fiber, so eat away!


Grapefruit has the perfect mix of sweet and sour to set your senses to overdrive. Not only that, but its nutrients help your immune system and give you tons of antioxidants!


Exotic takes shape in kiwis! Their look, feel, and taste make us feel like we’re on a tropical island. Moreover, they protect your colon, heart, immune system, eyes, and more!


Lemons are “in” this season! They bring flavor to our lives and are great with almost any meal. Furthermore, lemons help you prevent arthritis, cancer, colds, and the list goes on!


The rich colors and taste mango has make it the go-to fruit in any warm spring afternoon. You can also eat it if you want perfect skin, low cholesterol, better eyes, and improved digestion!


It may be weird looking, but there’s no denying that pineapples are delicious! With their delightful taste, they bring minerals and vitamins that help strengthen your bones and prevent the flu.


Red, green and delicious all over, strawberries are more than color and flavor! They also carry antioxidants that help your heart, memory, bones, weight loss, eyes, skin, and much more!

With spring come a ton of wonderful things, like the fruits mention in this post! Make sure to look for them during this season to enjoy their taste and health benefits! You can even make jam out of them and savor them with a delicious piece of toast bread. 

If you like this idea, come down to the Great Harvest to try the best selection of bread in Spokane. We even have some fruity treats like the Strawberry Almond and Raspberry Lemon Muffins that go well with the season!
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