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The Beauty Behind the Naked Cake

While it may sound a bit scandalous, the naked cake is everything but that. This new trend in cake decoration will leave you stunned at how much can be achieved with so little. If you're not quite sure what a naked cake is, don't worry, Great Harvest in Spokane is here to point you in the right direction.

What is a Naked Cake?

A naked cake isn't completely naked, it simply just doesn't use frosting or other sugar-work type decorations. Instead, the outside of the cake is left mostly bare with simple, more natural looking decorations. Ultimately, this leaves you with a cake that has a more rustic or organic feel to it. If you're an icing lover, don't worry, naked cakes still incorporate traditional icing, fruit and other filling elements in between their layers. Leaving it bare and allowing the layers to show through gives the cake part of its beautiful finish.

Naked Cake Toppings

Naked cakes have become quite trendy recently, especially among the wedding sector. Naked wedding cakes tend to incorporate natural elements found in the wedding decor. Typically, these topping can include fresh flowers, succulents and even some fresh herbs. Edible toppings often include fresh fruit, especially berries rich in color, chocolate and preserves. For a simple delicate touch, try lightly sprinkling confectioners sugar around the surface of the cake.

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