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The Best Workout Snacks Around

If one of your New Year's resolutions was to get in shape, the exercise you do is only half the work. To stay healthy and get fit you also have to pay attention to what you eat. Great Harvest in Spokane can help you choose the right food that will also help you stay energized during your workouts.

Focus on Cardio

Focusing on cardio is a great way to shed pounds. Exercises such as running, cycling and kickboxing will help get you fit, but be sure to eat right things before and after your cardio workout. At least thirty minutes before your workout, eat a large pear drizzle with natural honey. This easy to digest snack will ensure you're energized and ready for exercise. After your cardio session, focus on hydrating and restoring your body with proteins and carbohydrates. Chocolate milk and a banana are delicious snacks that can do the trick.

Weight Training Snacks

If your workout sessions are more focused on weight training techniques, you will be needing protein in your diet. Proteins will be very important because not only do they help build muscle, they also help your muscles recover after a tough workout. Stick to snacks like boiled edamame, greek yogurt and berries before and after your weight training sessions.

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